speaking requests


Thank you for your interest in having Dr.Johnson speak at your event. It is always an honor to be considered.

Dr.Johnson loves to say YES and her heart is to educate and encourage, but the realities of her schedule mean we can only accept a limited number of engagements. 

As our team considers your event, please provide us with the requested information below.

Once submitted, our team will review your request and be in touch with you regarding next steps.

Please be sure to clearly indicate the following:

Check to make sure your requested date and time is clearly identified. When possible, providing an alternative date may increase Dr.Johnson’s ability to attend. 

Time and travel are limited for Dr.Johnson. However, our speaking board accepts invitations for events with a range of variety. We encourage organizations to collaborate and expand their reach. Dr.Johnson focuses mainly on events and conferences with an established history of community or clinical involvement.

Dr.Johnson is very committed to maintaining balance; therefore, we have time restraints depending on the day of the week you would like to book.

Worship Experiences – Dr.Johnson must be able to depart your church by one o’clock on Sunday. No Sunday evening worship experiences will be approved.

speaking features:

Dr. Charryse Johnson with Dr. Russell Thackeray on The Resilience Unravelled Podcast

Dr. Charryse Johnson with Ron Roel on 45 Forward

Dr. Charryse Johnson with Sharon Slayer of The AutoImmune Hour on Are You Being Too Hard on Yourself? A Little Secret: It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect...

Dr. Charryse Johnson with Dr. Vic Manzo of The Mindful Experiment Podcast on Transformation Through The Mind: Release The Patterns That Don't Serve You (Episode 496)

Dr. Charryse Johnson with Brian Bogert of Flipping the Lid on Breaking The Mold, Navigating Stereotypes, And Finding Solitude (E56)

Dr. Charryse Johnson with Alex Muir of MindCep Podcast on Unlocking Personal and Relational Well-being (Episode 102)