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There is a wealth of potential trapped within our hidden and unresolved places of pain. Yet, without conscious participation, we can become stuck in a cycle of repetitive patterns that leaves us feeling like an imposter in our own lives. In Expired Mindsets, Charryse Johnson, gives readers both the courage and the keys to understanding the root of their patterns. 

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Expired Mindsets Video Companion Series and Expired Mindsets Audio Companion Series are additional resources to further help you gain a deeper understanding of the principles in the book.

Mindset matters

This guided journal is designed to help you move from thought to action using the 5-on-5 System of Success. In as little as twenty-five minutes a day, you can increase your awareness, be mindful of your choices, and create neural pathways that help reinforce the habits you want to develop.

Each journal will guide you through 8 weeks of focused effort. It also includes space for daily reflections, prescriptions for growth, and weekly words of encouragement. If you've been looking for a way to put all the pieces together and not feel overwhelmed, this is for you!

5-on-5 system of success series

Learn more about the 5-on-5 System of Success and how it can help you develop the consistency you desire!

This course is a supplementary resource for the Mindset Matters journal.

It is designed to help those who need or desire additional insight before they dive into daily practice. Each video centers on one concept at a time and provides action steps.

get off the scale and heal

Many of us struggle with the pressure to conform to certain ideals, whether they be physical, emotional, or societal.

Get Off The Scale and Heal is a beacon of self-love and empowerment amidst external judgments and societal pressures.

It's a guide that reaches out to let you know that you're not alone in what you're feeling.

By reclaiming your self-worth, embracing your uniqueness, and shedding the weight that no longer serves you – both physically and emotionally – you'll uncover a transformative path to healing.

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Self-sabotage is rooted in counterproductive mindsets including negativity, disorganization, indecisiveness, and negative self-talk. Perfectionism and imposter syndrome are also forms of self-sabotage.

The forces that lead to self-sabotage can also be more subtle, such as an accumulation of dysfunctional and distorted beliefs that lead people to underestimate their capabilities, suppress their feelings or lash out at those around them.

And if these “habits” are frequent or recurring part of your life, even when you’re doing “well”, my Self-Sabotage 101 course can unlock the road to a different way forward.

Everyone has been in a situation when they binge-eat a whole bag of chips out of boredom or eat snacks after snacks to prepare for a huge presentation.

Emotional eating, however, can have an impact on weight, health, and general well-being when practiced frequently, especially when done unknowingly.

The relationship between eating and our emotions is not one that many of us make. However, people can take action to change emotional eating by becoming aware of what causes it.

What does it mean to prioritize yourself? What has been the cost to neglecting your needs and emotions?

For most, your confidence and self-worth pay the price, leaving you inundated and overwhelmed by the images and messages that spark comparison.

EMBRACE: 28 Days of Self-Love offers a gentle, yet direct way to reclaim your center. It is your opportunity to silence your inner critic and embark on an intentional journey of caring for self.

Each day includes an original quote designed to challenge your mindset and remind you that better is possible. Enjoy this resource with friends and loved ones for an extra special experience.

Each day you'll receive a daily text personalized and designed to help you pause, reflect, and reimagine.

Messages will come directly to your phone and you can even reply and respond as desired.

Daily texts with Dr.Charryse will become a highlight of your day!

This 8-part body image series begins with a brief overview of current statistics.

From there, you will learn about the four key components of body image, the use of intentional language, and even body image comparison within families.

Dr. Johnson also addresses body shame, body dysmorphia, and body appreciation.

You will also learn tangible ways to improve your body image and be invited to join in some guided activities.

The video series addresses the role of expectations and how it influences your relationship with food, your body, and your motivation.

As a reminder, here are the specific topics covered:
  • Expectations
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Attitude Formation
  • Social Conditioning
  • Cultural Traditions
  • Mindset and Life Experiences


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