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Dr.Charryse Johnson, LCMHC, NCC is a veteran psychotherapist, keynote speaker, and mindfulness practitioner whose work focuses on the intersection of trauma, somatic integration, spirituality, and social justice. She is the founder of Jade Integrative Counseling and Wellness, an integrative therapy practice where personal values, the search for meaning, and the power of choice are the central focus. Dr.Johnson holds a B.A. in human development and family studies; an M.A. in professional counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in crisis and trauma. 

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colombia with dr. charryse

Join Dr.Charryse Johnson on a personal growth retreat curated just for you.

This one-of-a kind wellness retreat will include a blend of educational, therapeutic, and leisure activities designed to help you restore and heal.

Retreat experiences can lead to substantial improvements in multiple dimensions of health and well-being that are maintained for weeks beyond the time away.

This is what your mind, body, and spirit has been waiting to experience. 

august 24-29, 2023

expired mindsets

There is a wealth of potential trapped within our hidden and unresolved places of pain. Yet, without conscious participation, we can become stuck in a cycle of repetitive patterns that leaves us feeling like an imposter in our own lives. In Expired Mindsets, Charryse Johnson, gives readers both the courage and the keys to understanding the root of their patterns. 

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Expired Mindsets Video Companion Series and Expired Mindsets Audio Companion Series are additional resources to further help you gain a deeper understanding of the principles in the book.

Mindset matters

This guided journal is designed to help you move from thought to action using the 5-on-5 System of Success. In as little as twenty-five minutes a day, you can increase your awareness, be mindful of your choices, and create neural pathways that help reinforce the habits you want to develop. Each journal will guide you through 8 weeks of focused effort. It also includes space for daily reflections, prescriptions for growth, and weekly words of encouragement. If you've been looking for a way to put all the pieces together and not feel overwhelmed, this is for you!


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Learn what unhealthy guilt is, how this relates to worry, anxiety, stress and fear, and how you can work through the guilt.

based upon viewing your experiences as an obstacle or an opportunity. 

-Dr. charryse johnson

Growth is a choice